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It is not a member but has the address and phone number on it. Lee Roy Schmidz." I checked, and confirmed my suspicion.

We provide resources, expertise and uncompromising service to give stakeholders in the rail industry a 360-degree view of their investment.With an 85-year heritage of quality, reliability and customer service, we’re focused on streamlining the latest developments in information capture and processing to deliver affordable rail solutions. Our Sasser Family roots give us the resources and experience to guarantee our solutions, yet we’re also agile enough to offer customers multiple ways in.We provide innovative approaches to traditional railroad challenges based on proven technologies currently in use among major railroads in both Europe and North America.Along with our sister companies, Nx Gen serve railroads, major railcar owners, leasing companies and rail shippers.The Nxgen Difference Nx Gen is a subsidiary of Sasser Family Holdings, Inc, which has roots dating back to the Chicago Freight Car & Parts Company from 1928.

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