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It should have been no surprise, therefore, that the former world No 1 would finally turn around the most challenging year of her career on the court she loves the most.

After losing the first four games against a resurgent Svetlana Kuznetsova, Wozniacki dug deep to win 6-4, 6-4 and earn a third-round meeting with Romania’s Monica Niculescu.

Living in a blue state, and competing on the fairly liberal national debate circuit, I was blessed with a refreshingly two-sided Facebook newsfeed.

Even if your Facebook is fairly one-sided, I still think it’s a great place to start getting news.

Besides the joy of being a parent, there is nothing that makes me feel better than sitting across the table from one of my clients and hearing her start to find clarity and move forward.

No matter how many tears and how much devastation there is in their lives, they want things to turn around. Testimonial: “Even though I’ve been divorced for almost fifteen years, “life” wasn’t going as I had planned and things seemed overwhelming.

In conjunction with a lack of firsthand exposure to many of the issues facing minority groups, equal pay for equal work, criminal justice reform, LGBTQ rights and women’s rights were never really contentious issues growing up.

I never saw basic human rights as a political issue.

Having already fallen to No 74 in the world rankings, just a year after occupying a place in the top five, Wozniacki was even facing the prospect of dropping out of the world’s top 100 by the end of the year for the first time since she broke into it in the summer of 2007.The Divorcierge holds social events in NYC around various topics including: Online Dating, Stress Management, Astrology of Relationships among others. I also began to see how perfectly functioning, intelligent people became incapable of the smallest task when faced with the overwhelm of divorce.Karen blogs regularly on topics related to divorce. I have had several jobs in the past 10 years, most of them in some business related field.Caroline calls herself a “New Jersey Republican.”In short, she’s a socially liberal, fiscally conservative millennial.The scale teeters depending on the specific policies of the individual candidate.

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