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Before filming the marriage dissolution between the main characters, Gosling and Williams prepared by renting a home, bringing their own clothing and belongings, buying groceries with a budget based on their characters' incomes, filming home movies and taking a family portrait at a local Sears with the actress who played their daughter, and staging out arguments.

Cianfrance visited the actors and assisted them in building tension while remaining in character: "One night he told Gosling to go into Williams' bedroom and try to make love to her.

Angered that Cindy left the motel without waking him, Dean shows up drunk at the clinic, leading to a violent altercation with Dr. Dean reminds Cindy of their wedding vows, and the two apologize to each other.

Dean is seen walking away from the house, with Frankie running after him.

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I took a compass and (...) literally put one point of the compass on her house, and I drew a circle, an hour diameter around her house, and it just touched Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Michelle Williams was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film.

Throughout the film, the present timeline is intercut with the story of how Dean and Cindy became involved.

Before the wedding, Bobby finds out about Dean and beats him up.

Five years later, the couple lives in rural Pennsylvania with their daughter Frankie.

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