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But even here, the article (ang, ng, etc.) is gender neutral. Adding s does not make anything plural and is sometimes done on Spanish nouns regardless of whether the topic is plural or not.Example: Ang abogado/a The lawyer or attorney (m/f). Example: mansanas apple; mga mansanas apples (from Spanish manzana). It can mean either The Philippines (the country) or a group of Philippine females. In Tagalog, an article such as na or pa is required when no noun follows the adjective. shorter time than expected) than pa, but both have similar usage.

Po (and ho) are incompatible with ka and ikaw (use kayo) and with mo (use nila).

The vast majority of Filipinos are either bilingual (Filipino and English) or trilingual (Filipino, English, and the native language of the speaker).

English is one of the official languages of the Philippines and is overwhelmingly used as the main language of government, commerce, and education.

Filipinos use Philippine English, an English dialect based largely on American English, though it might be spoken with a distinct accent and it contains certain colloquialisms and slang unique to it (e.g.

the most common word for "toilet" or "bathroom" in the Philippines is the Philippine English "comfort room", usually shortened to the initials "CR").

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Singkat cerita cewe di sekolah gw banyak yang ngejar dan mau ama gw tapi hanya sedikit cw yang gw ajak tidur ama gw,sekolah gw termasuk sekolah swasta yang favorit di daerah gw sekali kalo engga sekola gw menang sesuatu pasti ada yang mengharumkan nama sekolah gw,di sekolah gw di cap playboy tapi biar di cap gitu masih banyak cw yang mau ama gw dari sekian banyak cw di sekolah gw ada 1 cw di sekolah gw yang pengen banget gw cobaiin namanya anggilina,cantik,imut,kulitnya putih,rambut sebahu warna pirang biru dan sepintas mirip cina dan yang paling gw suka dari dia adalah pantat ama dada gadis tsb tumbuh gd melebihi temen cw ya .

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