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Secondly, I realize this threat doesn't exactly belong here, as most of the people who post here are parents, and in my case it is the opposite, however I feel that it still belongs here, as it is about a parent - child relationship, and I found no more appropriate place for it than here. My parents have been divorced for over two years now and the other day she said she wanted to talk to me.

She said she is now seeing someone, and we had a brief conversation about it, she told me a bit about him and that she has been seeing him for about three months now.

I said I am happy for her, although it felt kinda weird.

She then said "There is something else: he is black, i hope that is OK with you? I was completely shocked, I did not see that coming at all.

I am also concerned what would happen when my friends find out - some of them have made borderline racist jokes in the past about white women dating black men, even calling them names, which I would rather not write here... The fact you are so horrified by the thought of your mom with a black man tells me that you, for whatever reason, ARE judging the relationship because of his skin color. As much as I shouldn't care, this will affect my mother's life, as well as mine. I wrote that I told her I fully support her in this relationship and I am happy for her 3. Don't be so quick to judge, you don't even know me!

In summary, I feel very weird and awkward about the whole situation, as well as concerned about my mom on how this whole thing would be taken by our family and friends. Can anyone give me any advice on how to deal with those feelings, and / or if there is anything i should tell my mom? If she is happy and he is a good man, let her be happy. I'd feel awkward if my mom dated a black man, another woman, became a swinger, had a sex change, oh I could go on and on.I told her that I am fine with it, and that I support her.However the rest of our family doesn't know yet and I am concerned about their reaction.My grandparents are very old fashioned, I am sure they will be very against it.I don't think my father would care too much, but you never know...

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