Muslim dating haram

It is the constant struggle he will feel between his family, culture, religious views, and feelings for you.If the Muslim man does not tell his parents (or at least friends) about you within the first year of the relationship, then just walk away.Islam may permit this, but the man’s culture and family may forbid it completely.If you are thinking of dating a Muslim, don’t underestimate the power of tradition and culture.This is why you see so many stories in forums about Muslim men dating Christian women.

Thus, for Muslim dating to be halal, both partners have to date with the sole goal of marriage.Middle Eastern men and women are some of the most attractive people in the world.They are tall, have gorgeous dark complexions, and almond shaped eyes with thick, lush lashes.They are taking part in Muslim matrimonial sites, speed dating, and other events. As Muslim woman Zeba Iqbal points out, this sounds a lot like western dating.But there is one big difference: with non-Muslims, dating is just about meeting a special someone, and that meeting may or may not result in marriage.

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Here is what you infidels need to know about dating a Muslim woman or man.

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