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This seems to be confirmed by opening the tabledef in as a datasheet in Access - there is no new record button in the navigation set.I am struggling because I think there is something wrong with my "diary" table.I have therefore created a View on SQL Server that matches the select clause above (minus the order by) and created a tabledef for it during initialisation.However the whole form does not work because it tells me the view is not updateable.Data transactions are permitted because those operations are not sent to .Applying Read Only can lead to unexpected results because some operations that seem like read operations actually require additional actions.

The most restrictive lock in the inheritance takes precedence.In the SQL Server version of the application I dynamically create tabledefs to point to the tables in the correct instance of my SQL Server database during an initiation sequence. I do it dynamically to enable me to switch between various versions of my database very easily.Because my diary table is 80,000 records long and the client table is 40000 records long, I don't particularly what the join of the two to take place in the Access client.I am porting an Access front end/Access back end application to Access front end/SQL Server back end and am having trouble with a particular form.I think its because I do not properly understand the underlying concepts in what I am trying to do. Its a resource booking application, where I have "clients", known primarily through their client ID trying to book a "resource" (known by its resource ID) in a "diary".

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