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Amanda started naming other students who were also active in the LDS faith, including Heather, Koby and other students who I admired and respected.They all had very different talents and personalities, but all were absolutely amazing human beings. The students came from every race and back ground imaginable.The bell would ring and they would be off to the next class.In spite of this limitation, I still was able to identify some outstanding students, often by merely observing their interactions with each other and the faculty.Finally I identified one favorite student who was half Asian and half White.I erroneously assumed that I had finally found a non-LDS favorite student.

I stumbled over some of the doctrines, such as baptism for the dead, but as I continued to read and pray, everything felt right. I share my experience because I feel it is important for the youth of the church to understand that even before serving their full-time missions (or whether they serve at all) they can still touch many lives for the better and not even realize it.

I tried to analyze what made these young students so outstanding.

Amanda was very studious and popular with the boys.

I was baptized on July 30, 2010, and now serve as a teacher in our ward Relief Society. All the Youth need to hear this-- and evaluate their actions and words in school etc. If we will pursue a steady course in the implementation of our religion in our own lives, we shall advance the cause more effectively than by any other means."(Ensign, January 2005) ANY other means.

I share my experience because I feel it is important for the youth …

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I told them that I knew only one thing about the Mormon Church, that they raised wonderful kids!

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