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A man full of lust and pleasure had never kissed me before; it's an awesome feeling. Not here, you come and spend the day with me tomorrow at my place. My place we can have fun." Even though I wanted him to fuck me there and then, he was right even though my ass was hungry for his cock, mom could walk in on us. I dressed and went and lay on my bed savoring the taste of him in my mouth. By the time I got out my car he was already standing in the doorway wearing just a bathrobe. "I was looking out for you," he said as he closed the door behind us. " he asked as he slowly opened his bathrobe and peeled it off letting it drop to the floor. I gulped nervously as I gazed at his magnificent body. Scooping more of my precum onto his fingertips I felt him slip a second finger in stretching and working my hole. Suddenly he shoved both his fingers all the way up my ass, I could not help myself, and I let out a small gasp.

Our tongues wrestled and our bodies began to grind against one another. The next morning I was up very early I knew from watching porn films and chatting to guys on social media that I needed to be clean. When I came out my mom with raised eyebrows asked, are you ok? She had a bewildered expression on her face as I closed the door to my room. I was feeling seriously nervous by now, shaking more than ever. His large cock and balls dangled between his hairy thighs. With his free hand he stroked my hard cock He licked and sucked on my balls. I felt his lips on my cock as he started to suck and swallow the head of my cock.

"I'm offering to blow my load into your sweet mouth boy." Looking into my eyes he said in a raised voice. " I had fantasized about him fucking my face with his hard cock, now he was offering to do it! I was still in a sensual daze as I looked at his semi-hard cock, at least eight inches in length and thick.

His big hairy balls with the ability to produce copious amounts of thick man juice hung very low between his hairy muscular legs.

Now and then he would throw his head back, shudder and inhale deeply. "Fuck that's awesome You sure you not done this before? His rock hard precum dripping cock told me he was excited. A steady stream of precum poured out his pee slit into my mouth and down my throat as I sucked on his hard cock.

Without touching my cock it suddenly squirted copious amounts of my seed sperm, some of which I caught in the palm of my hand. I gulp occasional to empty my mouth and clear my throat.

Some are the same age or older than her, some are younger. (198cm) He had been a professional boxer in the past and he still has a gorgeous well-toned body. Sometimes I jerk off several times in the day making my cock sore. Out of all her men friends Dave was the one that spent more time with me. I assumed he must have done after seeing him with my mom. Dave was due to come and do some work in the house for my mom while she was at work.

I stood there naked, my hard cock pointing up at an angle. He cupped the cheeks of my ass in his hands as he leaned forward and licked and sucked my nipples. It was then that he kissed me, snaking his tongue deep into my mouth. "Mmmmmmmmm I'm gonna enjoy having you boy," he said as he inhaled deeply. I moved closer and knelt down so that his massive cock and balls were dangling in front of my face. He then gently wiped the head of his cock across my forehead and nose. He had his hand on my head as he gently thrust more and more of his cock down my throat forcing my mouth to stretch wider. "Look that's how much you have taken," he said as he pointed at the mark on his cock and then moved his finger along the shaft to the end of his penis.

Instantly my mouth started to fill with saliva I was drooling over him I was super nervous as he pulled my T-shirt off over my head and looked at me with his lustful eyes.

He unbuckled my belt then unzipped my zipper, pulling down both my shorts and briefs at the same time. "I've had a few guys suck my cock and my balls," He said as he held his semi hard cock in the palm of his hand and moved closer. His strong scent was like an aphrodisiac sending me into a state of insatiable lust.

We stood locked in an embrace for a while enjoying an erotic lustful cuddle.

With both of his hands he took my face and kissed me hard. I have to finish off here I don't have the time and this is not the place to fuck you. I want to spend some time enjoying you I want your first time to be good. I could hear him laughing as he said, "then get ya butt over here boy." It was a brilliant sunny and warm morning as I drove over to his place. I felt the tip of his coarse tongue flick between my ass cheeks "Mmmmm that virgin hole taste good," he said as he licked around my anus. He scooped it onto his finger tips and then rubbed it into the middle of my hole, slowly penetrated my hole with just one finger, shoving it in and out of my ass and massaging my prostate.

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