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It involves a lot of things in the meantime, but I’ve worked in a bunch of labs and all over the summers. A: Well, I can think of a pet peeve about myself, which is that I can be pretty lazy, I hate that.But I don’t know, I really try hard not to look at negative things in people.Believe it or not, the vast majority of our campus is single, highly intellectual, charming, good looking, and ready to meet someone new.It’s easy to become our own worst enemy and refrain from venturing into new social scenes, approaching “strangers,” and asking crushes to hang, but if we all mustered up a little courage and took some risks, what lies behind our comfort zone could be pretty awesome.Do you feel that Midd offers opportunities for dating?A: I don’t think there’s anything that can necessarily be done to change the social or dating scene.It’s J-term, almost February (Valentine’s Day, meh), and middbeat believes it’s time to spread the love on campus. Wish you had someone to cuddle with besides your laptop?Sick of going to overcrowded parties where you can’t talk to anyone and walk home solo?

He’s soft-spoken and a bit shy, but in the best of ways.

A: I’m trying to learn how to ski right now, it’s kind of lame that I don’t know how but I’m learning.

I’ve been going Rikkert a lot, for cross country skiing.

I think it’s just because of the size of the student body it’s not of the critical mass that you walk around campus and people you see, you don’t know them but you’ve seen them before, so it comes a point where there’s no strangers anymore, and that makes it hard to meet people sometimes. Send a message at [email protected], and be sure to say hi around campus!

Do you feel like it’s comfortable to approach strangers here?

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Burger said people in the crowd, made up of students and "outside agitators," wore masks as they screamed at Murray.

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