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When she called Andy “the coolest guy I’ve ever met,” it was official.Any of their ups and downs after that have been mere contrived plot twists on the way to them ending up together. Their on-again, off-again affair—started in secret in season 2, and since made public—shows us that you can’t choose whom you love. Buttoned-up Angela has tried to find more appropriate relationships with Andy and now her new husband, the likely-closeted State Senator Robert Lipton, but she keeps coming back to Dwight.Plus: How to Have the ‘Define the Relationship’ Talk — Minus the Awkwardness Their engagement was a valiant effort—at what, we’re not quite sure. As it turned out, it was an exercise in denial for Angela, who was trying to get over her affair with Dwight.

Lesson: Sexual chemistry is key to a stable, lasting relationship (or you might find yourself having an affair with Dwight Schrute). ” What he’s mainly thinking is that he’s not that into Kelly, and soon enough she’s making out with Ryan again in the cubicle they share.When Irwin hinted that Holly had inspired 5SOS’ new song, “She’s Kinda Hot,” some felt he also revealed that he was no longer dating her.RELATED: Michael Clifford's Hair Catches On Fire In Scary Incident “I went into the desert with my girlfriend at the time for two days or something, and I was like 'Okay, I have to be back by Monday morning because I have a writing session at John’s,’” Irwin said, referencing John Feldmann, the producer of the band’s upcoming album.Lesson: When it’s too hard, that’s a sign you might not be with the right person.It’s been clear since Andy first dueled with Dwight over Erin’s affections that Andy, who loves nothing more than a good a cappella concert and meticulously parted hair, was meant for the profoundly naïve Erin.

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