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Given that I do a weekly 2 hour podcast and that I am active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and (sometimes) Periscope, frequent blogging has most certainly become a thing of my past.For those that enjoy reading these blogs/novels, I apologize for slacking this year but I hope you’ll agree that it’s better to be too busy making new things than to have the free time it takes to write lots of long blogs, right? Season 2 of “Scary Sleepover” premiered immediately (January 6th) with the now legendary and tearjerking Tony Todd episode.we could easily turn “Scary Sleepover” into a proper 1/2 hour or even -long weekly television show.I point this out only to stress just how time consuming of a show “Sleepover” is to produce each week.I’m just as anxious as you are for us to shoot new episodes but making “Scary Sleepover” is not nearly as easy as we make it look.Something I can’t stress enough is that “Sleepover” is a full-on TV show.

Together we laughed (a lot), we cried (a little), we bared our deepest fears, we displayed our worst fashion, and we became closer as a genre community.

And man is this upcoming season of “Horrified” awesome!

We finished shooting the episodes just a few weeks ago and we’re hard at work putting them together for you now.

I know you’re looking forward to the laughs and embarrassing stories (which we have of this season, don’t you fear) but the very second that actor Michael Rosenbaum (SMALLVILLE, IMPASTOR) finished telling his story for our cameras we knew that his episode would be the season premiere.

One of my favorite aspects of HORRIFIED is that you never know when we shoot the stories for each season.

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The honesty and vulnerability displayed by every guest was magical and each week we were .

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