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It is a very simple and very basic yet very powerful meditation technique.

So, don't try to fight with your conscious awareness - how restful could THAT ever be?

So: the "Golden Flower" meditation is a Classical text that was considered central to Chan Buddhism (which evolved into Japan's Zen Buddhism); and it was considered so important that it was freely shared and widely used throughout both Buddhist and Taoist schools. Just rest your conscious awareness upon your breath; breath normally, breath slowly, breath in an unhurried fashion.

I like to explain it this way: Sit quietly, away from distractions: still your mind. Let your conscious awareness rest upon your breathing: the degree to which you allow your breathing to be restful and quiet is directly proportionate to how restful and relaxed - BUT AWARE - your mind will be.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Its best to do before falling to sleep, but can be used any time, Of course with all meditation not while at work, operating cars or machines….

DO NOT CROSS YOUR EYES UPWARD TOWARD YOUR FOREHEAD because that is a really stupid idea.

Anyway: this technique is called "turning the light around" - using the example of eyesight to show how we can direct our 'inner sight' - our conscious awareness.

Just be careful not to think to hard, stick with short to the point thoughts that don't take to much energy to process, don't get tripped up on the details either as that'll break your focus.

It's by no means an easy way to meditate as it's very easy to put yourself to sleep this way. I use several Taoist techniques which work quite well for me; but, here is a very basic technique you can have a look at... Okay - look straight in front of you: what do you see? Have you stopped seeing what you are looking directly at yet? If you think it silly to expect your eyes to stop seeing, why would you expect your mind to stop thinking?

Thomas Cleary has made available an excellent translation of a Classical Chinese text called "The Secret of the Golden Flower."Don't use the translation by Wilhelm that Carl Jung used - it is horribly inaccurate and suggests stupid things like, 'crossing the eyes and directing them upward toward the forehead' (like I said, that version is a VERY bad translation). Now, about whatever you were looking at in front of you: try looking away from it. So, try this: sit restfully, in a place away from distractions; and with the awareness that your mind is going to be no matter what you do, short of knocking yourself unconscious, just be aware of your breathing.

Now keep in mind that during extended mediations any posture will eventually become uncomfortable... While I always say sit/stand/lie in a position that is comfortable,t here is no doubting that some are better for you than they are for others.

Your best bet it to experiment with them and find which position you can maintain with the least amount of effort and discomfort.

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I never knew the lotus could be dangerous, actually sit in that position regularly at my computer when working, perhaps that's why my left knee keeps wanting to lock up lately.

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