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In the insuring fight, the Great Battle Kukku was seemingly destroyed and his fortress crashed while Tails escaped.

The Great Battle Kukku is a maniacal dictator-like figure and a master of evil.

The Great Battle Kukku has demonstrated high physical durability, being able to withstand several exploding bombs up close before being defeated.

In the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic books and spin-off comics, the Great Battle Kukku is referred to as Battle Lord Kukku XV, Grand Battle Kukku XV, or the Battle Lord for short.Arriving in the Battle Fortress, the Great Battle Kukku lead a massive battalion through Poloy Forest, destroying and setting everything ablaze while retrieving the Chaos Emeralds.Exhilarated by his impending victory, the Great Battle Kukku ordered his soldiers to find the last remaining Emeralds.As a humanoid bird, he is mostly covered in light brown feathers, has long green tail feathers, and has a very large beak with an even larger lower mandible that resembles a large chin.Also, around his neck, he has a collar of white feathers.

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He also wears a pair of pince-nez glasses with dark blue lenses which covers his eyes.

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