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If your hospital continues to use mandatory overtime after November 5, please let us know immediately.

To assist nurses in understanding this new law and its implications, the MNA has created this web page to provide background on the issue, as well as a mechanism for nurses to report violations of the law.

Be aware that the Health Policy Commission, which is charged with overseeing the mandatory overtime law, has issued guidelines that make it clear that neither the lack of staff, nor the flu season can be used as justifications for mandatory overtime.

We urge any and all nurses who are assigned a mandatory overtime shift to follow the link below and fill out a report with the MNA, which we will share with the Department of Public Health and the Health Policy Commission.

(See Mandatory overtime laws: An update in PDF format by clicking the download now button.) Multiple interventions are needed.

Maintaining adequate staffing requires aggressive retention efforts, effective recruiting of new staff, and use of float pools and temporary staffing agencies (assuming voluntary overtime won’t completely fill the void left by eliminating mandatory overtime).

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Forcing a nurse who may already be fatigued to work beyond her scheduled shift increases the likelihood of patient harm.

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