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Also, various forms of controlling behavior and jealousy are not only accepted, they are the norm.Women should be aware that it is very rare to find a man who is accepting of their girlfriend going out with other men without him. This type of man is usually very sincere, quiet, well-mannered and very intense.Young women have a feminine body figure with lovely curves.A respectable woman either in the workplace or on the street usually wears modest clothing.Women are expected still to be in charge of the children and kitchen and men are expected to do hard labor.It is still very common for men to carry heavy things for you or not allow you to do any heavy lifting.Relationships progress here very fast, so women should be careful to make their intentions clear.If you do end up dating a man here, it can quickly progress into something serious.

Curious student- This type of man most likely wants to just talk to you and probably will want to practice his English.

Most women here use pads or Kodex which are available in most pharmacies and stores.

Tampons are somewhat scarcer and often the only kind you can find are with applicators.

In the urban parts of Nicaragua women are educated, but most of them choose family over career.

Nicaraguan women mostly have dark and thick hair, brown eyes, and naturally tanned skin.

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