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Here are some choice lyrics from the song:"Next time I'm feelin kinda horny You can come on over, and I'll break you off And if you can't ****, that day, baby Just lay back, and open your mouth Cause I have never met a girl That I love in the whole wide world""Pass it to the homie, now you hit it Cause she ain't nuthin but a **** to me And y'all know, that ****es ain't shit to me""Guess who back in the mother****in house With a fat****for your mother****in mouth"It's almost as if you can say anything you want in a song as long as it has a good beat the girls will just dance and have good time even defending it.

But say anything close to that in the club when the music stops and you get a drink in the face.

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Surprisingly (to me at least), several women came to song's defense, and said they had no issues with that. up, Francis ;) it's just a he's a player and all that, but it's just a song and on top of that, the music is playful, the video is playful, it doesn't sound like he's trying to trick anyone. We could go on for weeks discussing the controversy in today's music. I am familiar with the tune..well no where does he get vulgar or uses derogeratory language in regards to women if I want to hear a song that I really like? yeah it can be seemed sexist to well it is just I want to feel sometimes ...a listen.

It's a fun music and if you see most women as not being offended, then why take worry? It's a cool song and I'd rather listen to something light hearted about women, than hearing women called ''bit ches'' and ''ho's'' in songs. v=3ABbuf86j Lcconsider that some cultures are flaunt their bad boy behaviour a bit more than others.

LOL and girls wonder why we don't get them, It's a mad mad world. It is my passion, so even if the song is vulgar I'll dance to it, if i like the beat.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.The number of users hit a reported 9 million this year, with the income given as in excess of 300 million rubles.By 2008, the number of user profiles had hit 10 million users, with the site being used by around 10 million monthly, and the new mobile portal around 250,000 per month.Listen to the song ''freak a leek'' and it's like Mambo to the next level. I find a song like that, which is just being light hearted, and not too serious... That is interesting Psycho, (Francis wants to called Psycho)I have also wondered why so many women seem to like to most mysogynistic music.far better than those stupid songs that make women out to be horny sluts who only exist to please men. I remember that Snoop Dogg song "Ain't no fun" and how it would bring all the girls out on the dance floor to shake what they got.

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