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Historical information on an individual can not only shed light on their behavior as adults, but it can also be used to determine the type of treatment necessary to help the individual.

Under these circumstances, killing became synonymous with survival and victory.

The same reality is true for the development of groups.

If one examines the earliest history of a race, one can draw insightful parallels between how they developed and how they currently function in society.

And most importantly, the information assists psychologists in determining if the potential exists for the individual to be successfully treated.

Depending on the severity of the circumstances surrounding a child’s upbringing and the depth of the impact on the child, there may or may not be potential for helping them adjust their behavior to peacefully coexist and live functionally in a civilized society.

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“As long as they don’t bother me with it,” is the common way we begin our discussions on the issue.

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