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Later that evening, Benjamin Horne is meeting with Mr. Immediately after accepting this check, Sheriff Truman, Deputy Hawk, and Agent Cooper enter and arrest Horne for murder.

Horne attempts to flee but is caught and handcuffed.

In this episode, during the ongoing investigation into Laura's death, FBI special agent Dale Cooper (Mac Lachlan) and Sheriff Truman (Ontkean) continue to search for her killer, the demon Bob, who has possessed a human host.

Aided by Mike (Al Strobel), Cooper and Truman arrest Benjamin Horne (Beymer), believing him to be inhabited by Bob.

Donna finds Harold Smith (Lenny Von Dohlen), one of Laura's friends to whom she had given a secret diary, and Donna and Maddy attempt to steal it from him. Truman informs that preparations have been made for them at The Great Northern.

When Audrey asks him whether he killed Laura Palmer, he denies it but confesses that he and Laura had a sexual relationship and that he loved her.Meanwhile, Deputy Hawk visits the residence of Harold Smith and finds him hanging dead amongst his orchids.Maddy announces to Laura's parents Leland (Ray Wise) and Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) that she is leaving Twin Peaks to return to her home in Missoula, Montana.The episode was well received, garnering positive reviews after its initial broadcast and in subsequent years, but it has been criticized for unduly prolonging the revelation of Laura's killer.Academic readings of the entry have highlighted the theme of duality and the cinematography in the revelation scene.

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is the seventh episode of the second season of the American mystery television series Twin Peaks.

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