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In Saudi Arabia, blogger Raif Badawi is serving a 10-year sentence for “insulting Islam” on his website.In Bahrain, the government has jailed journalists on what human rights groups describe as flimsy charges.Since then, several large, prestigious colleges like Columbia University, Stanford University and Baylor University have grabbed headlines for the way they've dealt with cases of sexual violence."I think that we are all learning from what happens when a university doesn't respond," said Rice University's Allison Vogt.He hopes the progress he's made in his own life helps inspire others."There is hope. Carter says it took him a while to reach out for help, but if there's anyone out there in need of assistance he urges them to speak up to a loved one.He says that decision empowered himself to take back his life.Now Carter works to help others overcome their struggles."I was being molested by some pimps in our neighborhood.

The marquee lights and stage set look familiar, as does the band that opened before the comedy sketch began: A nuclear plant manager is trying to cover up an accident as an employee with an oversized, conical head deadpans that she’s healthy, drawing laughter from the audience. There’s all the usual stuff: celebrity guests, “news anchors” who parody current events, musical performances and skits with edgy social commentary.The orientation week presentation complements an online training called "Salutations," which has already completed by more than 14,000 new U of H students. Baker admits that teaching students from so many different backgrounds and understandings of sex and relationships can be difficult, but safety is paramount."We have a culturally competent informed approach, which means I need to think like an 18-year-old, 19-year-old and what are the barriers of their reporting and figure that out," said Baker."And constantly send that message that when you're ready to let me know, I'm ready to handle your issue."Colleges across the country have been under a microscope since 2014, when the U. Department of Education began naming them to an ever-growing list of schools facing investigation for their handling of sexual abuse complaints.As the director of the Sexual Violence Prevention program and Title IX support at Rice, Vogt has kept a close eye on how students respond to the school's efforts to address sexual assault.The usual hush-hush topic had the Rice campus buzzing last year when the student association proposed expanding an orientation week course into a mandatory, semester-long class for freshman: "Critical Thinking in Sexuality."Though the course is on Hold, Rice sophomore Molly Tilbrook supported a push for sexual assault education beyond the usual orientation week offerings.

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