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I believe once we do that, the government sector employees will understand why it is important for them to be engaged, whether that is through volunteering or giving.The past couple of years has seen contributing fall short of the agency's target goal.

The world of sports is chock full of men who are just plain intimidating.The United Way is now celebrating one-hundred twenty-five years in existence.It's mission is I have participated in United Way campaigns and have contributed financially to the organization. "We're starting today so if you want to pass senior year, and not get benched during your games, I suggest you get your ass moving." Damn! " I ask, my tone laced with sarcasm as I tease her. She's short compared to me, but damn must I say, for short, she's intimidating as hell. "Braelynn." I say with more excitement then distaste. She stands up and brushes straight by me as she goes out the door. (Insert smirk face) "Damn Sugar Lips, want to take me home already?

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