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Matt Sherman, one of the site’s founders, told the AP that the idea came to him after he broke up with a girlfriend a few years ago.Dreaming about his ideal woman, he imagined her as someone who had read The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s study of randomness and “the highly improbable.” “Books are intimate and personal and revealing,” he said in an interview with Canada’s National Post.Curious browsers are invited to email and ask for a date.The site’s creators then contact the pin-up to check the interest is mutual.But the Facebook invites have gone out — so here are the three events I recommend you crawl to!Round 1 at 7 pm: The Rejection Game at The Eclectic Wine Bar & Lounge, 5156 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood.

David Ulin (), Robert Roman, and Julia Ingalls — will all give short readings. I’m guessing there’ll be an afterparty with drinks and nibbles and socializing after the third round, as there has been in previous years.

Americans really don’t have that sort of problem, they love talking about how clever they are.” Other dating sites, such as the New York-based, offer to match people according to their favourite books, but The Omnivore pin-ups is the first to fully profile the literary sensibilities of their members.

For the moment, The Omnivore pin-ups lists only around 20 members, most of whom are based in London and work in the media – including Nirpal Dhaliwal, the former-Mr Liz Jones.

“And they are great conversation starters, in the real world and online.” His business partner, Matt Masina, put it a little more graphically.

“I had been an avid online dater and there was always that moment of truth when I would be left alone for a few minutes with the person’s bookshelf,” he said.

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” While some of the answers are arguably less cringe-inducing than their mainstream online dating equivalents, others read like submissions to Private Eye’s Pseuds Corner.

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