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They are great people who do great things for the world. * It's very easy to embarrass yourself in front of a librarian as they are usually a self-confident and stoic bunch.

Don't get befuddled, when they say they would rather stay at home instead of go out. Congratulations if you succeed in dating a librarian.

Youth Services Librarian in South Lyon, Michigan, Mary Kelly, who also runs Awful Library with Hibner, added to that sentiment. I ride giant roller coasters, and I play keyboard in a parody rock band,” Hibner said.

“If you are dating a librarian, you can count on being ‘fact-checked’ and researched,” she said. “If you think librarians just read and shush people, I’m your worst nightmare!

According to the Daily Mail – and take that for what it’s worth – the online dating site e Harmony looked at their statistics to see what professions the two most popular genders were more likely to date or interact with.

Supposedly, women prefer men in advertising, which I find surprising, although I don’t know why.

Most of the librarians I know have high standards for partners and like people who are enthusiastic about learning new things.” So the next time you’re in a library, think about these misconceptions, as well as these do’s and don’ts.

Who knows – you might go in to pick up “Paddle Your Own Canoe” or “Twilight” and come out with a date.

They were kind enough to clear up three common misconceptions about dating a librarian, as well as give us the do’s and don’ts for hitting on one. Take it from Holly Hibner, the adult services coordinator at the Plymouth District Library in Plymouth, Michigan – most librarians are passionate about reading, but they also have other interests (and no it’s not to just sit around and read.) “There are librarians with specialties in art, history, music, technology, law… We became librarians to help others discover our (and their) passions, to do research and to teach people how to find and use information in a variety of formats,” said Hibner, who’s been in the field for 15 years. “You have to be willing to put up with smartypants-ness,” she said.

There’s more to librarians than the stereotypes that portray them as old women and men who stack books and shush loud teenagers all day.

These keepers of books also have love lives just like you and me (go figure!

Though librarians are human like all the rest of us, they have chosen to devote their lives to books and information.

If they enjoy art history, take them to an opening, music, sports etc.9.

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