Leila arcieri dating kompiuteris magazia

She is open and unconventional in her attitude towards love relationships, romance and sex.

She enjoys socializing, bringing people together and having many friends of both sexes.

Inwardly, Leila Arcieri is often torn with indecision and is much more at odds with herself than others would ever guess based on her flawless disposition.

Leila Arcieri has an optimistic, friendly attitude towards others and tends to bring out the finer side of people.Leila Arcieri values friendship very highly and in fact, she is more comfortable being a friend than a lover.Leila desires an intellectual rapport or spiritual bond with her love partner, but deep intimacy and emotional bonding do not come easily to her.Arcieri spent the better part of her childhood in Sebastopol, located in California's wine and redwood country.Upon graduating from high school, she moved to San Francisco, where she dabbled with both graphic design and photography before becoming a make-up artist.

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Anything new or untried appeals to Arcieri and she has little patience for restrictive customs.

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