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She manages to seduce an initially reluctant Ted and has sex with him in the cauldron.

After he leaves, they complete the ritual and Diana is seen emerging from the cauldron.

Sure, you can probably quote Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction extensively. It wouldn't surprise me if you were more familiar than I am with his two Kill Bill movies, his scene in Sin City, and his half of Grindhouse.

Bonus points if you appreciate Jackie Brown and if you recognize True Romance as Tarantino's second produced feature screenplay. Tarantino's follow-up to his career-defining, Oscar-winning Pulp Fiction, 1995's Four Rooms is an anthology film giving around twenty minutes each to Tarantino, his From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City and Grindhouse collaborator Robert Rodriguez, and less accomplished auteurs Allison Anders and Alexandre Rockwell.

It's as R-rated as everything else here, but the lead characters are children and multicultural ones at that.

A man (Antonio Banderas, reteaming with Rodriguez a week after wrapping Desperado) Related Reviews: New: Kiss Me Deadly (Criterion Collection Blu-ray) Cedar Rapids happythankyoumoreplease Once Upon a Time in the West 1990s Movies: Bottle Rocket (Criterion) The Usual Suspects (Blu-ray Book) Nixon Enchanted April Hocus Pocus Directed by Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino: Sin City | Produced by Quentin Tarantino: Daltry Calhoun New York, I Love You Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection | Produced by Robert Rodriguez: Predators The Cast of Four Rooms: Tim Roth: Skellig: The Owl Man | Ione Skye: Say Anything...

Things improve over in Room 309, where we get Robert Rodriguez's The Misbehavers.

In order to create it, they each must place an ingredient into a large cauldron in a ritual.

However, one (Ione Skye) has still to retrieve her ingredient - semen - which she is told she must retrieve in one hour.

Make sure you watch this important video if you are a redhead or the friend of a redhead.

Tim Roth (Ted the Bellhop), Antonio Banderas (Man), Jennifer Beals (Angela), Paul Calderon (Norman), Sammi Davis (Jezebel), Amanda de Cadenet (Diana), Valeria Golino (Athena), Kathy Griffin (Betty), Marc Lawrence (Sam the Bellhop), Madonna (Elspeth), David Proval (Sigfried), Ione Skye (Eva), Quentin Tarantino (Chester Rush), Lili Taylor (Raven), Marisa Tomei (Margaret), Tamlyn Tomita (Wife), Alicia Witt (Kiva), Lana Mc Kissack (Sarah), Danny Verduzco (Juancho), Patricia Vonne Rodriguez (Corpse), Salma Hayek (TV Dancing Girl), Lawrence Bender (Long Hair Yuppie Scum), Quinn Thomas Hellerman (Baby Bellhop), Unruly Julie Mc Clean (Left Redhead), Laura Rush (Right Redhead), Paul Skemp (Real Theodore), Bruce Willis (Leo - uncredited) Think you know all of Quentin Tarantino's movies?

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Ted assists a number of unusual women with their luggage, which he takes up to the Honeymoon Suite.

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