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Once again, villains insult Midnighter with homophobic comments ("little fruit," "trouser-pilot" — everybody knows he's gay, apparently), but we do get a one scene where the character, traveling in time, learns that in the distant future sexual orientation won't exist anymore and "everybody just … Was not showing him with Apollo a way to make the series more palatable to a larger audience?Was it an editorial mandate or simply Ennis' preference?Other (2005) story, which actually used the relationship between the two gay characters as a catalyst for the team's dismantling.Only Apollo could have convinced Midnighter that disbanding was a sensible idea, and only Midnighter could do it by just walking out on his teammates without any explanation.Various members of the Authority also had sexual relationships, but they were strictly temporary and shown as being more about good sex between friends than love.On the other hand, the gay couple is never actually depicted crumpling the bed sheets, unlike the straight characters whose sex lives don't have to be inferred.The opening five-part arc was written by Garth Ennis, a writer known for his violent and sometimes humorous comics, and drawn by Chris Sprouse, a clean line artist.It was the first time a gay superhero headlined his own series (not counting a 1994 Northstar miniseries from Marvel where the character, though officially gay, was completely sexless), but gay readers were troubled by Ennis' declaration a few months before the start of the series: "I'll try to maintain it as a solo book, without any major appearances by The Authority in general (superteam, yawn) or Apollo in particular (boring blond twat)." Ennis appeared uninterested in writing a gay character who happens to be living happily with another man and raising a teenage girl.

And at least they were portrayed as the more stable members of the Authority team in terms of relationships, which was a nice blow to stereotypes.It was subtle (which was definitely the goal of the writer, who at first hadn't even told the artist the characters were gay), but very clear.Gay superhero fans finally had an enduring gay couple in their comics.It's a curious issue, especially since even the sixth installment — which presents a tragic love story between two Japanese samurais who look very much like Apollo and Midnighter — doesn't contain any instance of same-sex affection.They lie besides each other at night but don't touch or kiss.

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Of course, since Ennis is a good writer, he gave his character a believable motivation by showing him thinking of himself as "not a lover," "not a father" and "not a friend." Midnighter has always been depicted as a loner at heart, as well as something of a psychopath.

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