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But let’s not delude ourselves into thinking all Korean guys are like Captain Yoo. xoxo, 20 something lawyer *Unfortunately many undesirable foreign men (who are unable to date women from their own country due to being too poor or being too ugly, who knows) come on so-called sex tours here in the Philippines.

These undesirables often date prostitutes, as these are the only women who will talk to them here.

He says that most Koreans that come to the Philippines are native-born and raised in Korea and are mostly poor because they can’t afford to study in the US or in Europe.

Most Koreans who come to Cebu have never gone to college. They do not know any English and have no visible means of income.

The show is undoubtedly entertaining, while managing to evade the realistic elements of dating between a soldier and a busy doctor.

If you are into dating a Korean man then I recommend being aware of the changes you must make.

When it comes to dating a Korean man there’s not just a gender difference but also a cultural one as well.

The man who is depicted in Descendants of the Sun does not appear realistic.

He gets rejected three times yet he still persists in confessing his love?

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