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If you are going to Kerala for anything bad, I think you should think again.However, while you are in Malaya land just get a healthy normal Ayurvedic massaj and this is a way to meet good Kerala girls instead of the bad Mallu girls.In my opinion it is the Malayalam language which really defined who is a Shakeela or Kerala girl and who is not.

The biggest cities are Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi ( women of Cochin can look like models with their style).

These women are offering more than traditional Ayurvedic so do not bother with them if you get a hint this is what they offer. Look through classified ads below to balance your body.

Deepavali festival(Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism) in the Autumn is a great time to be in Kerala.

The Indian express which is found here eighty year old news paper founded by and Ayurveda doctor.) comes all of India. In the classified section of this paper are ads for traditional Indian massage. However, again avoid firms like Soft Touch as they are as the name implies. Here is the good news, these places are everywhere in Kochi for example and they are all good Kerala women in the authentic Ayurvedic places.

I would say that approximately fifty percent of the ads for Ayurvedic massage with Kerala girls are not what I would call respectable unfortunately. I do self reflexology with Ayurvedic oils on my feet. I think the herbs they use are aromas are very balancing.

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