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And speaking of acceleration, pickup is brisk for 500 watts, the most allowed in Canada.

Brushless hub motors must have improved lately- I’ve test ridden a few bikes and nothing is like this. It’s also worth noting that an average person can continuously produce 100w while a champion cyclist can generate about 400w.

If climbing a steep hill, the power level will max out, while a light incline will result only in a nominal change, thus the Kaishan is smart enough to have a smooth feel while travelling in the bicycle lanes through fuming SUV’s that are trapped at red lights.

To deactivate, tap the cruise button or the brake lever.

But back to the Kaishan, the star jewel in the collection of bikes I’ve ridden. Let me tell you, e-bike buddies, this may be the beacon that we have been looking to follow.

It’s a bit embarrassing to be a reviewer and have few tough things to say.

Range is to the point where I no longer worry about carefully nursing the accelerator grip, I just go.

When it came time to pay, the price was fair and everything was explained.

Kind of like eating you broccoli and cauliflower before dessert.

Well, the small carry case on the back rattles when the road gets choppy, but this is a detail that can be solved by choosing a larger optional box. If you’re turned off so far, time to buy that new Lexus with the Advanced Parking Guidance System and heated steering wheel.

Let me tell you I’ve owned two e-bikes and this is my third ride- so I have some history with these machines.

My first came from and it was a skinny tired, tiny torqued, slow moving vehicle that I wound up cursing more than praising, especially on rainy January days in Victoria BC, when the back tire would flatten and I’d have to ask my wife to come and pick me up with the car.

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