Jquery not validating on submit

Demo: Click Here Advanced Demo: Click Here Download: Click Here Project Repository: Click Here Hej. Regards, Geek Tantra Reply Than you for a very well done script. I need to validate saveral items in the same form with the Valid Field option. Its only supposed to submit if all the input fields are filled in correctly. I must admit, that I can't see what should prevent it from running the submit code either. :-) Vayu Reply Hi zeev, Thanks for the appreciation.

j Query(function() ); How to solve please help me... Inside the jquery function I can set a JS variable using PHP.

Reply Hi, Thank you for the code but its still coming up as invalid. Is there any way to execute a javascript alert box if errors are present?

(problem is this form on my page is very long and users might not see an error at the top of the page) Thank you for your help.

After trying a load of non intuitive and not very useful j Query form validation plugins I came up with this plugin. I am no expert on javascript or jquery, so I was wondering if you could tell me how to make this form be submitted with ajax. I know I can validate with php after its been sent, but I want to use the jquery plugin you created for this. I only gave you the submission script in the comment above for your reference. Its a shame, because I like your validation code... You should check out the advanced demo of the Live Validation plugin, you can find a checkbox validation there which I guess is a similar case which you require.

Its a j Query plugin which helps create easy form validations with high flexibility and a large set of options. In other words, the page shouldnt refresh, but rather the form should be submitted with ajax without reloading. :-) Thanks vayu Reply Hi Vayu, You must put the validation code above the submission code as in the advanced demo form so as to enable the validation also. In the checkbox validation at-least on checkbox should be checked in the whole group of checkboxes for the validation to be correct.

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If the self variable matches one of those 's id(i got many in the same form), you can add this inside the ' style="position: absolute; left:' some Expression 'px; top=:' some Expression2 'px;" ... Where some Expression and Some Expression2 can be the LEFT position offset, the top attribute respectively.

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