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The following is Xiao De’s introductory video (for non-Mandarin speakers, she talks about her ideal partner and her dreams for the future; and her father, who also speaks Mandarin, talks about why she left Guinea: apparently due to civil war).As with many other non-white foreigners in China, it seems that Xiao De has had to put up with a lot of prejudices and uncomfortable situations relating the color of her skin.

Before proceeding, I must confess that in the last year I became addicted to the popular dating show 非诚勿扰 (fei cheng wu rao – which literally means something like ‘if you are not sincere, don’t bother).Translated into English as ‘You are the one’, this show (based on the Australian ‘Taken Out‘) is produced by Jiangsu TV and, in a matter of three years, has become the most popular/highest-rated ever game show produced by this TV chain (some rating reports indicate that the show has finally surpassed decade-long-no.1, Hunan TV’s Happy Camp 快乐大本营).Each season of ‘You are the one’ has a somehow fixed cohort of 24 female contestants that reappear every week.Ever since the implementation of the Open Door policy, China’s foreign population-scapes (ethnoscapes) have been slowly but steadily transforming.These transformations were intensified by the post-2000 (post-WTO) nationwide relaxation of long standing restrictions on entrance, housing, and settlement of foreigners.

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