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Coal Swarm on the other hand, includes profiles on people such as coal company directors and lobbyists precisely because they aren’t all that visible to the public.

The article pages can incorporate photos, tables, documents that are otherwise unavailable elsewhere on the web, include Google satellite images of remote mines and incorporate links to valuable resource materials.

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claiming the singer screwed him out of his rightful share of the spoils in their divorce settlement.

Coal Swarm is a collection of over 9,000 articles about coal.

The articles are housed on Source Watch, an open-source encyclopedia sponsored by the Center for Media and Democracy.

The full text of the GNU Free Documentation License is found here.

Instead of trawling through dozens of pages, each of which have a little new information, Coal Swarm aims to condense key information down onto a page or a set of linked pages but also enable readers to follow the links back to the original sources.The Coal Swarm wiki pages are hosted within the Source Watch wiki.The policy of Source Watch is to ensure that articles are fair, accurate and each key point is referenced.While Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, it has some policies which limit its scope.For example, it now discourages articles on living people unless they are of great significance and very prominent.

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