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If women can wear pants, why shouldn’t men be able to wear skirts?Actually, the adjective “genderless” is misleading, since these young men aren’t genderless at all; rather, they’re claiming both femininity and masculinity as styles they wear in their daily lives.They attracted media attention – mostly negative – although artists depicted them as fashion icons.Some hecklers called them “garçons” (garuson), an insult implying unfeminine and unattractive.Boutiques are filled with cosmetics and beauty products intended for both males and females, and it’s often difficult to discern the gender of passersby.Since a gendered appearance (“feminine” or “masculine”) often (but not always) denotes the sex of a person, Japan’s recent “genderless” fashion styles might confuse some visitors – was that person who just walked by a woman or a man?Like same-sex relationships, cross-dressing has a long history in Japan.The earliest written records date to the eighth century and include stories about women who dressed as warriors.

Instead, they want to shatter the existing norms that say men must dress and present themselves a certain way.

For a decade, from 1872 to 1882, sodomy among men was even criminalized.

However, since then, there have been no laws in Japan banning homosexual relations.

In premodern Japan, aristocrats often pursued male and female lovers; their sexual trysts were the stuff of classical literature.

To them, the biological sex of their pursuits was often less important than the objective: transcendent beauty.

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