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Big Brother is Famous for it’s players hooking up, every season there has been at least one or more couples that become romantically involved.

Since BB11 there has been increasing popularity in showmance among the fans fueling CBS in casting more potential romances.

We hoped, we prayed, and we crossed all dangling appendages, but, at the time, the future was uncertain for one of the summer's cutest showmances.There is 4 variations of this, the standard showmance, the flirtmance, blowmance, and Bromance..One of the most famous Showmances in recent seasons has been Rachel and Brendon (Season 12,13) as well as Jeff and Jordan (Season 11,13).The only 2 showmances that have successfully survived outside the Big Brother house is Jeff, Jordan and Brendon, Rachel. ': Chelsea Singh is showing no signs of warming up to the 49-year-old kiss and tell girl, as he savaged her during a foul-mouthed rant on Friday night's installment of Big Brother Bringing yet more confusion into the exact nature of his relationship with the star, the multi-millionaire said he believed Jayne was planning on selling a story on him, discrediting Jayne's claims that he was the one who pursued her.

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