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Tru TV has turned to College Humor‘s Big Breakfast Studios for its latest round of linear television projects.The cable network has ordered a pilot based on the comedy site’s longest-running original web series Jake and Amir, and also picked up a season of the site’s popular series Adam Ruins Everything.Can you just explain to me the process from concept to completion of making an episode?

For this, Amir is somewhat of an outcast among his peers, although he did once get a girlfriend who appeared to have all of the same interests as him, such as eating at Mc Donald's, though she decided to be Jake's girlfriend, before she got hit by a bus and was killed.He’ll read it and sometimes there’s props and sometimes there’s extras or sometimes there’s locations that we have to get, so they have a week to do that. We probably shoot two to four a day; if we’re in the office sometimes we can shoot three or four but if we’re on location we can shoot one or two.Then the next day we can start editing them and we can edit two in a day.In addition to these two new College Humor-based orders, Tru TV also has another show in the works from another well-known internet brand.The network will run ten 30-minute episodes of Six Degrees of Everything, starring Benny and Rafi Fine of The Fine Bros (who boast over 12.2 million subscribers on their You Tube channel).

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