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Some websites will ban other accounts (or new accounts) with related personal information such as email address, passwords, credit card number, physical address, etc.When e Bay shuts down accounts they seem to shut down any other accounts with related information.You would want to uninstall any of these plug-ins and reinstall them.This *may* allow you to get passed this type of ban. EDIT 2 : I was in NY on nox, i closed nox, went to my phone (my IRL location is in Europe), went to a pokestop (i have the tweaked pogo (Jailbreak only i OS) ), did the 40 times Open, spin, close, open, spin, close..... ALSO ignorant ppl saying it doesn't work, check your facts first THEN you can comment WHATEVER you want Video proof -. The 30 minute ban was when I teleported about 100km. I then tried teleporting from London to Manhattan = 3 hour ban and no way to remove it. So please, don't talk about stupidy, I don't want to hurt ur feelings.I've tried renewing the IP for him, uninstalling shockwave and reinstalling it, deleting registry keys, etc.What you've outlined should serve as a reminder to all to be familiar with the terms of service, or "the rules", for any online service you happen to use.

According to my son, he was unaware that this was against the game's rules.

In fact, in an environment where people are hyper-sensitive to online predation it's very possible that they're required to take these actions if only for purposes of liability.

It's possible that their lawyers won't let them reverse a decision once made.

In general your best option to remove a ban is to humbly apologize for your actions which lead to you being banned in the first place. Only by uninstalling and reinstalling with a new CD key will get you around being banned.

If you are banned only via your IP address you can go ahead and attempt to change your IP address. This type of ban may also include websites that require specific plug-in applications such as Flash.

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