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It’s very much a lot of effort, and the people at each venue, there’s huge camaraderie and that old idea of the circus in the best way.We have this woman, Megan, who’s done our lights for us this year.You don’t really know what it is that’s been fascinating or…There’s obviously something that I feel like I’m here to do, and I have made a lot sacrifices and dedicated my entire fucking life to doing it. Lyrically, everything I do, the work I’m most proud of is the writing — that’s what the whole thing is built upon for me.1 records to their name playing as Metric, but they have pushed through some lean times. The duo, the core of Metric, have been making music together for almost 13 years.Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw are like Canada’s Mick Jagger and Keith Richards -- if Jagger looked like Uma Thurman and Richards was a 34-year-old with fewer cumulative falls from the coconut tree. “If I ever have children, I hope they meet the people they’re meant to,” says Haines, the group’s singer and lyricist.HG: This is something that I’ve always wondered about: How do you program the lights for the fifty different venues that you play during a tour?

With six albums under their belt, music features in films as big as , and stadium-size shows in their home country of Canada, Metric’s built a reputation off of signature themes and sounds — lead vocalist Emily Haines’s distinct gently rasping voice, critical examinations of gender roles, and forays into electronica inspirations, to name a few. Covering everything from “warped womanhood” to teenage idols to the logistics of touring, Haines reflected on how the band and she have grown in their almost two decades together: Hello Giggles (HG): The band is coming off a big year — you toured with Imagine Dragons and dropped your sixth album Emily Haines (EH): It’d be interesting to calculate…EH: It’s a bit like, looking back at my whole life at this point.I guess I’ll know when I’m dying, not to be morbid.EH: Ooh, this is getting super tech-dork; I can do that.One of the benefits of the tour that we’re embarking on, it includes the Hollywood Palladium in LA and other big theaters, the Hammerstein in New York, and then arenas in Canada.

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” asks Haines, mentioning Jagger, Iggy Pop and James Brown as performers she envies.

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