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His wife was an alcoholic and he moved out and into the same street as Nalini lived on.She stopped socialising with people, including Ashok, in the early eighties and died a total recluse.Dilip Kumar had a fling with Vyjayanthimala after breaking up with Madhubala.

The iconic song “Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua Hai” is still a mirror of their real-life love.He ditched her when his wife, scarred by the Nargis affair put her foot down and Vyjayanthimala allegedly had to have an abortion.She later married his personal physician, who himself was married and left his wife and family for her.However, things took a different turn when suddenly rumors of him having an affair with beauty queen Priyanka Chopra started doing rounds.Things became sour when SRK’s best buddy Karan Johar publicly bitched about her, and star wives like Gauri and Suzanne Roshan started ignoring her.

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Reena eventually ended it when she realised Shatrughan would never marry her because of what his wife says was her 'questionable history'.

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