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I will note one thing about edition-based redefinition; it’s rather involved and needs to managed carefully.Update I’ve added a new post regarding string constants and package state in Oracle 11.2 and beyond.Move variables to a context Contexts provide a mechanism for storing session variables that are not associated with a package.Back to our example, we create a new context and associated package and modify it to reference the context: CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE pkg_context AS PROCEDURE set_variable (p_number IN NUMBER); END pkg_context; / CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY pkg_context AS PROCEDURE set_variable (p_number IN NUMBER) AS BEGIN DBMS_SESSION.If a PL/SQL package declares at least one variable, constant, or cursor, then the package is stateful; otherwise, it is stateless.Whenever a package is recompiled any package state held by a current session is invalidated and ORA-04068 occurs the next time the session tries to use the package again.

Keep in mind though that context variables are strings so appropriate interfaces are necessary to prevent data type conversion errors if numeric or date types are required.With application connection pools reusing database connections and holding them open for extended periods of time it is quite possible for ORA-04068 to hit you hours or days after a code change.In the examples that follow we’ll use this simple package; PKG_STATE.Separate globals package Separating out package variables into their own package, away from the procedural code that manipulates those variables, can provide for a simple but effective solution to ORA-04068 errors.The procedural code will be the code that is updated most frequently so by moving the package state into a separate package the objective of being able to patch the procedural code whilst the database is live is met.

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