Intuitive sensor dating

They are the people at the meeting who come in and set up early, making sure everything runs smoothly. They care about everything being done in a presentable, acceptable way with every issue and person being taken care of and all needs attended to. They’ll be the ones test driving the set-up that the SJs put together.

Note: Sensing types can talk about intuitive topics and Intuitives can talk about sensing topics, but the willingness and ease of which they talk about each is the key to finding out whether they are an S or N.

They will tend towards playing the role of psychologist.

They will get into why someone is feeling what they are feeling and HOW that person can be helped or encouraged.

During your long discussions with them they will talk about systems and not always bring it back to the people involved.

They enjoy talking about how things work, or don’t work properly, and how they can be improved.

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