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In case you didn't already know, David De Angelo's company is now also teaching women about how to 'pickup' men.

David De Angelo doesn't actually do the teaching, instead Christian Carter does that.

You’ve been out at a bar, or at a bookstore, or even on the street, and watched a guy walk up to an attractive woman, start talking to her, and then walk away a few minutes later with her number (or walk away a few minutes later with HER).

Find out what the body language of your favorite famous couple says about their celebrity relationship: Are they in love or lust?

Let’s be honest: We all know that some of the most famous celebrity couples could benefit from our expert love advice too!

Christian Carter has a very unique series out there from his Catch Him and Keep Him line called Interviews With Dating and Relationship Experts.

Wouldn’t it be great to know what these guys are DOING?

Paul.; Julie Ferman.; Adam Gilad.; Larry Michel.; Frank Seifert. The advice they give the ladies is the same stuff you can find in any .00 self help book (or free if you go to the library). Each talks for 1-2 hours and each brings something unique to the table. The interviews are from people trying to throw their own sales pitches in there for their books. I put off buying this for a long time, until I found a used set here on Amazon for a good price. That said, I would still suggest finding a copy for under 0. This item is definatley not worth the 0 that you end up spending on it. Since the item was damaged, I would like to return this for a full refund but am not sure how to do that. I expected to purchase a product that was in working condition and was very disappointed and felt ripped off.

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He teaches women how challenges are viewed from the MALE perspective (very helpful), and guides us to help ourselves attain what we seek: a healthy, committed relationship.

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