Interracial dating in america uncovered

Nigga i just don't givva fuck if she look good I'm fina holla and get some regardless.

The hot new online dating community where beauty and love are never limited by race or color. Get your complimentary profile today and join other singles in search of an interracial or bi-racial romance!

INTERESTING thread X.....i agree with alot of the shit said on the previews but i also disagree....i think black men or men of color or watever r somtimes atracted 2 white women because they r more easy going and r a little more gullable...a black women or latina r a little more defensive and strong minded, not 2 say that white women arent, because that all varies depending on the person individualy...i agree with wat the baldheaded brotha said about white women being a little nicer and generous than black women, i cant front, i love white women expecially because of their attitude and personality...a black women can be just as generous, but its like driving stick or automatic, it all depends how u drive the car n what car u drive....everything has its way, u just gotta find your way around it n make it work...theres ignorent females on everyside of the field, regardless of race and there r good ones in everyrace, so u just gotta find the right one...theres it doesent matter 2 me, i love all women regardless of race, if ur sexy, not only physically but mentally, ur a target for me....n all these dudes that be complaining, from all races, about how theyre "taking our women", we aint taking ur women, ur just slippin and ur not on ur job, dont hate congragulate..i see 100 dollars in the streets, ima pick that shit up if u If someone doesnt want to date someone outside his race he does not have to, but why messing with other peoples business? As I wrote in a post last year, just because you sleep with/live with/marry/date someone of another race doesn’t make you automatically not racist.

hahaha i agree with Otown g......i ain tryna go out with white peoepl tho they too corny nigga i like me a subarbian chick i dono why i ain feelin ghetto girls, or those lil wanksta grls...look like they wana get into ur pockets and hve this need to fit in so damn much pisses me off Somebody explain that to me please... Is for example a dark skinned arabic woman more allowed to date an african then a light one? After all, slave masters had no problem maintaining their racist beliefs against blacks while raping their slaves and fathering mixed children with them. And all you have to do is read Susan Crain Bakos’s article to see that sex doesn’t cancel out racism.

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I dated broads of different backgrounds ethnicities and what not nigga i don't care....

Black girls, white girls, mexican girls, home gurl from Palestine, and an Israeli when i used to work @ the mall (my lady was 24 and a nigga like me was 19 haha nigga go head and give me some props)...

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  1. They don’t have a choice but to be driven and faithful, because their whole young life is just them and God. This approach allows you to date, have steady boyfriends/girlfriends, and express your affection for them in sweet but safe (and Christian) ways.

  2. If someone contacts you on one of these sites wanting money, block future communication immediately if something seems "off." It's also a good idea to meet for first dates in a crowded, public place, whether you're using a free site or not.