Interracial baptist dating

The churches I attended preached against interracial marriage.

And BJU announced the church was "off limits" to all BJU students. Rice published an editorial defending the ban on interracial marriage in his fundamentalist newspaper, The Sword of the Lord. Marriage is the most fundamental covenant of all, and the Bible is double witness condemn (sic) it.When you understand the phenomenon of fundamentalism, of any religion, it is clear why they will be lead opponents in the fight for equality.They were against the civil rights movement, women's rights and against equality of rights for gay people. To try to win them over with logic and reason is spitting in the wind.He even had the woman sit in the choir immediately behind him when he preached.He preached against divorce, interracial marriage and gay people.

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Now, I suspect the negative publicity will result in this church reversing its decision.

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