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After you meet her, you have the option of calling her and asking her out, or waiting for her to call you. She is also unlockable after you complete the Out of the Closet mission. Alexandra Chilton: Alexandra is contacted via the website She is available to date like Kiki and Carmen after the Out of the Closet mission.

All you have to do to call her up is look her name up in your phone book and give her a call! She is unlock able after you complete the Out of the Closet mission. Like Carmen, you must log onto the internet, and contact her via the love-meet website. You must log onto the internet and then click on the ad for

Dating in GTA IV*** Dating was something that was first introduced in GTA San Andreas.

If you are looking for a particular character or any specific information, I suggest you use your control F keys to look up said information.***2.

Online Date-able Characters' Hidden Abilities:***Once Niko begins to date the ladies he meets online, and sleeps with them for the first time he will unlock some special abilities that he can take advantage of.

*ONLY* if his "like" stats for that girl stays above 60 percent.

It is pretty funny to read up after a date and check to see what she has to say!

Simply click on her profile and then click the contact option. This brings up a number of humorous ads for women looking for a special someone. Alex is listed under Liberated Woman and her ad reads: Party girl seeks man for NSA fun and blog material-29 (Lancaster) You need to click Contact me at the bottom of her ad.*NOTE* When dating the different girls, remember there are certain universal things that they will not be too happy about. Treat the girls nicely and try not to kill anyone while on a date. Date-able Characters:***Michelle: The first girl you meet in the game that you can date is Michelle.Like Niko deciding to punch someone out or kill someone while on a date. You first encounter her in the mission Threes a Crowd.He will be able to use the special ability ONLY three times without dating the girl again.After that the girl will insist that he takes her on a date before he can use the ability again.

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