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The investigation into the death of a 10-year-old girl in Kerala’s Kollam district has revealed that she was sexually abused by her 66-year-old grandfather, police said on Sunday.Police arrested the grandfather who had allegedly sexually abused the girl the past one year. Last week, the police started probing rape angle in the case.

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"I came to you in confidence because I felt a large amount of loyalty to the House of Tata," she wrote in her mail to Mistry and went on to say, " I believed I was a valued member of the Tata family and that discretion would help you to find a solution which is best for me, Taj and the Tata Group." She said that the new role was perceived as “a demotion” and that she didn’t see her prospects improving if she stayed at the group, although Mistry had tried to convince her otherwise.

"I acknowledge you telling me that in six month's time I will be able to put my career back on track, however I do not see the reason why it should be taken off-track considering my high performances in my last roles and my choice of discretion.

The mother and the victim were staying with the grandfather, while the girl’s father was estranged.

The grandfather, a former clerk, had allegedly been involved in petty criminal cases.

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CASE HISTORY The woman executive first spoke up about Sarna in early 2015, following which she was moved to another department in the Tata group.

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