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In a matter of weeks Casey’s skating is good enough to earn her a chance to compete alongside Gen and the other girls. She faces betrayal, and feels the need to skate behind her mother’s back aware that Mom would never support her decision to put a dream of competitive figure skating above Harvard.

Parents can learn a lot by watching adults on screen blow it.

This fun dating and fashion game features the inimitable Mr Grey, sitting in his suit, ready to fall in love with the first girl he kisses.

It's no secret he's looking for love, all you need to do is take him out to dinner, compliment his fashionable suit, and you can win!

This thrills Casey’s single mom, who teaches feminist literature at a local college and wants her daughter to parlay her academic prowess into a meaningful career. Then Casey figures out a way to marry skating and schoolwork.

I used solid black line art for this one, different from what I usually do with my artworks Full book cover illustration of "He's Dating the Ice Princess" by Filipina (Lee Zhaira Dee Sadiangcolor)Illustration by Me (Midori Matsui)Soon available in bookstores and newsstands nationwide! For the longest time, Charice Eliza Mendoza hasn't let anyone get too close to her, not ever her mother and her best friend, Bianca.Too competitive parents at the ice rink look foolish screaming at children about technique, threatening them or saying insensitive things such as, “I’m working two jobs for you because you’re worth it.And when you win you’ll be even worth it.” Tina and Mrs.He wants to see your new dress and give you a kiss! Start dating by solving secret puzzles one after another.

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  2. Niin paljon uusia ihmisiä tullut tavattua taas, että tässä pitäisi kohta joku uusi osoitekirja hankkia, että muistaa edes nimet oikein :) Nyt lähdetään rannalle! En tiedä miksi, mutta tulin tästä postauksesta jostain syystä tosi hyvälle tuulelle!