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If Niko orders flaming wings he must sit across from Jae in order to allow Lucita to be directly across from Gary and to prevent Inga from being adjacent to Kim.2 (L: F/M)-----1(J: H)------6(K/I: F/M)3(I/K: H)--------4(N: F)----------5(G: H)If the condition that Lucita sits directly across from Gary is changed to Lucita cannot sit adjacent to Gary, but Kim must sit directly across from Jae, and if all other conditions remain in effect, then which of the following could be true EXCEPT: There are three possible scenarios that work given the constraints above. Wings with each of the sauce types are ordered by at least one person.

I none of these scenarios (as are shown below) can both Inga and Niko order flaming wings simultaneously. The following conditions apply: * No two people who sit adjacent to one another order wings with the same type of sauce. * The person who sits in seat 4 orders flaming wings. * Hot wings are ordered more than any other type of wing. I started this game by building a backbone of the characters (G, I, J, K, L, N), and drawing a circle w/ 1-6 clockwise beginning at 12 o'clock (Sorry, my ASCII art is rusty). Which one of the following represents a possible matching of people with the type of wings they order, listed in order from 1 through 6 according to the seats they occupy?

d (not) KI (not) IK Since there are more hot sauces than any other sauce and each sauce needs to be picked at least once, you can infer there are at least 3 hot sauces. Eliminate using the constraints No adjacent people order same sauce - eliminate DLucita across from Gary (i.e.

Niko cannot order Mild wings, which would put him in spot 2 or 6 because it would result in the following scenario:2 (N: F/M)-----1(J: H)------6(L/G: F/M)3(G/L: H)--------4(L/K: F)----------5(L/K: H)This scenario results in L being adjacent to K. Each of the six people places an order for exactly one plate of buffalo wings with exactly one of three types of buffalo sauce: mild, hot, flaming.I know I always have a ton of books, CD's and DVD's on my Amazon wish list and £50 goes a long way - especially where books are concerned!This was a tough game, but I'll do my best to try to explain how I arrived at my answers: I started with a diagram that looks like a much larger version of an asterisk, *, which has 6 sides. since there are only 6 spots, and each sauce must be ordered at least once, the if we were to distribute equally, then we can have the following distribution:2 -2 -2 for f - m - h, respectively.It helps to keep the distributions of sauces in mind.A doesn't work because milds can only be in spots #2 and #6, which are not across from each other, as G and L should be.

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