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It is for this reason that I can make the following prediction with 100% certainty: if he never looks at porn again, if he never masturbates again, ever-- he will still have chronic sexual dysfunction. Here's the first paragraph of the article, in full: met the woman at a Broadway show, but the night's best piece of acting, I'd say, came from me, back at her East Village apartment, after we'd been having sex for about 25 minutes, with Neil Young wailing the song "Comes a Time" from the laptop on her bedside table.The dried-out condom had a full-bodied choke hold on me, but I'd already stopped twice to put on a fresh one, and I knew, as I kept earnestly pumping away, that one more condom wouldn't make the necessary difference.You have to approach porn like a bank heist: get in, get out, you got 15 minutes and someone tripped the silent alarm. The reason he's semi-impotent has nothing to do with how he views porn, it has to do with how he views himself, i.e. Observe that this guy wrote an article, under his own name, about how he can't get an erection with women because he watches too much pornography. He thinks this is such a universal problem that far from feeling any shame, he should be applauded for exposing the dark secret of American men.Run through it: does he want it to be true that he's impotent? He wants to be true that the reason he has sexual problems is the porn, in the same way that I have no doubt he believes the reason he can't find a job is Sarah Palin. This isn't a judgment on Rothbart, it is an indictment of all of you who want it to be true that something is destroying your lives but that something cannot possibly be yourself.

But that night, ingenuity struck--unable to actually get off, I found myself flying a fresh route: I faked it."I used to race home to have sex with my wife," says Perry, a 41-year-old lawyer.

Hell, even characterize her as just a sex-object, a bimbo, tell me she's got big boobs, degrade her, anything, but put her in the movie! "Well, it's not really important who plays her." Got it.

But I know too much about him, none of it important, all of it branding: Broadway show, East Village, Neil Young, two condoms in 25 minutes.

But the point it makes is clear: Ron has an ideal woman image in his head, and only porn can give it to him.

We can debate the impact on women, that it forces women into gender specific stereotypes and presents women with impossible expectations of their sexuality and availability. But feminists and Ron are reading this the wrong way.

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