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You’re clearly better as friends, so after a nice chat over pizza and beer, you two agree to go your separate ways.

Nothing is less attractive to the opposite sex than a person with no confidence, hobby or personality of their own.

No one wants to be known as the 'dramatic couple that has epic battles by the soda machines every Tuesday.' It is really hard to keep up your grades and the respect of your classmates and teachers when you bring your relationship problems to class with you. Until you are 18 and move out of your house, your parents have final say in what you do and don't do. It is so easy to become so engulfed in a significant other that friends just don't seem as fulfilling anymore.

This will also scare away any other potential partners for the future. If you keep agendas hidden from them or refuse to let them meet the person you're dating, it will be a lot more difficult for you in the long run to have a good relationship on either end. However, friends keep you sane when your partner is driving you crazy. While you can't avoid your friends, you can't include them in every aspect of your relationship.

Taking on more work in an already stressful high school situation may sound like madness to some, but for others the payoff could be huge.

Breakups suck, whether you’re the dumper or the dumpee.

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Also, if something goes wrong, you'll need your core group of friends to hold you up and be there for you. Having middle men and friends that like to interfere ('help') only makes problems worse. Whether you're 15 or 55, keeping open communication with the person you're dating is absolutely essential.

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