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GP-Pro EX delivers a range of advanced functions that allow you to respond promptly to the needs of the ever-evolving manufacturing worksite.

It provides comprehensive programming and log analysis functions to aid the development of more sophisticated systems.

You can also use the utility to create screen captures for documentation. An add-on for Multimedia AGP models, the Camera Viewer EX PC Software allows streaming live video from a remote AGP to a PC.

What to Be Careful of When Reading the Same Device Address in the Same D-script Even when the same device address is used in the same D-script/global D-script, values read from the device address may differ depending on the processing timing of D-script or global D-script.

To avoid this situation, please program scripts to temporarily store data in internal devices or temporary addresses.

Users can view, and control any application installed on the host PC.

Access documents or applications not normally found on HMI’s.

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Event Recorder or other video recorded on the AGP can be transferred to the PC using USB memory or via FTP Server for playback and analysis on the Camera Viewer EX PC.

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